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Change how negative emotions shape your life

Do events from the past run your present life?

Are you being driven by your stuck negative emotions?

You can change that!

Anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt and shame…..get rid of them!

Resolve negative emotions from past events that shape how you behave today. Emotions are natural and human, but the negative ones shouldn’t last forever! You can find a way to feel emotions appropriately and relative to events that happen now.

Have you ever overreacted emotionally (by eating) to a situation and wondered why?

Has your negative emotion ever seemed out of proportion to the event that caused it?

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This is because something that is bothering us now often reminds us of other similar instances in the past. The Unconscious Mind, where all of our memories, learning, beliefs, attitudes, and values are stored, tends to connect similar events into groups called ‘gestalts’. So when you overreact emotionally to a situation, you are really reacting to a collection of similar memories and the emotion becomes distorted by being about many memories or events at the same time, and not just about what is taking place in the current moment.

Working together we trace these memories back to their roots and clear away the negative emotional charge, along with any limiting decisions that have been built around the resulting negative belief. The process separates each event in the collection of memories into a stand-alone event, which can then become neutral. At the same time, because of the structure of the line of time in our thought processes, the positive changes we make in the past accelerate forward into the future. Then any future events which would have been part of that collection of memories connected to these negative emotions, become separate, stand-alone events, with the emotion being appropriate in the moment.

There are six negative emotions: anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt and shame. Guilt and shame are man-made emotions, and they are after-the-fact emotions that arise from our judgments about the event we experienced. Guilt and shame were created in the attempt to get people to do what others wanted them to do, so we can just clear those up since they are unnecessary and we don’t need them.

The other four emotions are pure emotions, and they are only negative when they are stored in the body. Anger is how we know our boundaries have been crossed, fear stimulates our fight-or-flight response, and sadness and hurt are how humans experience loss and grief. So when we clear these four emotions, we are only clearing them where they have become disproportionate to specific events, and where they are stored in the body. By doing this, we also generate appropriate emotional responses into the future. So we still experience these emotions, we just experience them proportionately to current events and we learn to express them appropriately, rather than suppress them.

Along with negative emotions come limiting decisions or beliefs about ourselves that do not serve us well, such as, “I’m not good enough…”, “I don’t deserve….”, “I’m too fat”,  “I’m a loser”,  It's not available to me”, and so on

None of these beliefs are actually true. We only perceive them as true and when we believe them, we are creating a self-fulfilling – and self-limiting - outcome for ourselves. When we eliminate these beliefs or decisions, we have much more freedom to make positive choices for ourselves.

I have had great success working with clients to resolve issues such as eating disorders, cravings, unwanted habits, phobias, repeated unsuccessful choices, relationship troubles, anger, fear, and many other limiting emotions resulting in enriched relationships and enhanced performance and balance in all areas of life.

Whether you’re experiencing Cravings or frequently use Emotional Eating to cope with situations, I can help you make the changes you want.

As well as being a Fitness Professional, I'm also a fully qualified Life Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT Master Practitioner, so feel safe in the knowledge that I have many tools available to assist you

Change negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and unwanted habits and begin to Live Your Best Life Today

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