Overcome Emotional Eating - 21 Days to Food Freedom

Overcome Emotional Eating - 21 Days to Food Freedom

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Learn To Soothe Yourself Without FOOD

Start date - 12th August 2018

N.B - A virtual programme that you can join from anywhere in the world!

If you think change is hard, think again!

In just 21 days you'll see a new YOU

Change what you believe about yourself

Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days - Virtual Food Freedom Programme - Dee McCahill

Overeating is not a problem about food - it's a problem of self soothing

Negative childhood imprints stay trapped in your nervous system and your daily repetitive negative thoughts - if left alone can trip you up for a lifetime!


Well - it takes at least 21 days for a new habit/behaviour/belief to start embedding and that's why we get so frustrated with change as we want it NOW, when really all we need to do is be a little more patient with ourselves.
It is likely that, if you're reading this, comfort eating is no longer working for you.
In fact, you may have realised that eating is a temporary Band Aid - it doesn't feel good or provide relief in the long run AND sometimes the post-eating feelings are worse than the original ones
If you're seeking answers and some skills to halt the cycle, I PROMISE you, you're in the perfect place with me
I don't do surface layer stuff.
It's pointless.
You'll end up back where you started and you know I don't want that for you.
Plus it will leave you feeling defeated and I certainly don't want that for you.
Overcome Emotional Eating in 21 Days - Virtual Food Freedom Programme - Dee McCahill

I will HELP you, SUPPORT you, hold you ACCOUNTABLE, GUIDE you and give you ALL the MINDSET tools you need to understand the big picture and get off the Emotional Eating Roller Coaster

So what is it??
21 days to Food Freedom offers Mindset, Strategy and Accountability for women who are fed up of fighting food and who are hungry for more out of life!

Every single day for 21 days, you will get something from me by email

  • it could be Self Reflection Exercise
  • it could be a Mindset Strategy
  • it could be an Environmental Audit (your surroundings push your buttons!)
  • it could be something I challenge you to do to push your comfort zones
  • it could be an audio to listen to
  • it could be a worksheet to complete
  • it's so exciting - it could be anything!!!

☛ Each week you will also receive worksheets to help you gain clarity and freedom in your relationship with food

☛ I will be in the group daily to answer your questions and support you 

☛There will also be a weekly group session using FB live (you just need to tune in and listen!) to get your mindset in the right place (I'm an NLP and EFT Master Practitioner as well as being a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist so do not panic, you are completely in safe hands with this!)

What to expect:
Daily challenges to help you stop fighting food and your body

  • Support ..... maybe like you've never had before
  • Accountability from ME and the rest of the fabulous ladies in the group - I know you think I'm a softie but when I know it's in the best interest of someone to get what they want and be who they want, I WILL say what needs to be said, I won't hold back and I WILL make sure that you follow through with all of it! (ask my private clients LOL!)
  • A feeling of freedom after 21 days
  • A complete shift in mindset around food, eating, dieting and your body
  • A belief in yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to and you are a bloody powerful woman!

And the price?

ONLY £49.95! 🤯

YES. That. Is. All.

For 21 days of daily support, challenges and mindset, weekly worksheets, a virtual group hypnotherapy session and a few extras along the way
Don't worry if you don't do Facebook, your daily bites will also be emailed to you as well as the Facebook Live recordings
(At this point I just want to clarify that this is not an exercise or nutrition programme)

Who's this for?

This is for anyone who has ever struggled with emotional eating.

In a nutshell, that's almost everyone

The new you is only 21 days away

Join me

Dee x

I'll see you in the group!

Until then, I'll leave you with this nugget;

You only get a 3 minute fix ...

A recent study gave participants chocolate and tested how long the "feel good" feeling lasts. It turns out that comfort and bliss ONLY last three minutes

three minutes????

Isn't it a surprise how short lived comfort eating can be?