Frustrated to Fabulous Weekend Retreat - 2019

Frustrated to Fabulous Weekend Retreat - 2019

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Are you a professional women tired of feeling frustrated and running on empty?

Day in, Day out, we just seem to go through the motions, following our usual routine without ever stopping and thinking why we do what we do, or what we'd rather be doing instead - we're on AUTO PILOT

Despite reading motivational books on productivity, getting rich and building your DREAM life and career - Life and your To Do Lists just seem to get crazier and crazier every year and sitting in a chair "Manifesting your dreams" just hasn't worked out for you -  JOIN THE CLUB

Most women are STUCK

But here's the thing - YOU do have a choice!

You can give in and keep doing the same things you've always done that have so far failed to deliver the Dreams and Visions that you have held close to you heart for pretty much most of your adult life. OR you can act in alignment with your Dreams and Visions and take action .....

"The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results"

  • IF you're feeling STUCK and don't understand why
  • IF life is more like a 'chore' than a pleasure
  • IF you're WORKING far too HARD for the money you're earning ....


It's time to play catch-up with the world and start living the life you want to.

  • If you have a DREAM, it's your responsibility to bring it to LIFE
  • Give it ATTENTION
  • Have the INTENTION of bringing it to life
  • Work on it DAILY

What you need is Wisdom - Life Changing Knowledge.

Wisdom doesn't come from Twitter or Facebook.

Wisdom doesn't come from blending in or following the Crowd - it is tempting just to go with the crowd but this gets us nothing but average results in a world where average is unbearable and unrewarding. Average just robs you of your success and puts you further and further behind

"If You Want Something You've Never had,

You Must Do Something You've Never Done"

I'm Dee McCahill - a Transformational Coach on a MISSION to Empower Women to become MORE Successful, OOZE Self-confidence and get CRYSTAL CLEAR on WHO they are

I want to INVITE you to spend a long weekend (Fri evening -Sun evening) with an amazing group of like minded women who have decided that life is too short to dislike the person they are and that now is the right time to Find Their Passion

Join me for this intimate gathering .... just 6 amazing women who have already achieved a lot of success in life yet are struggling to achieve a goal that seems IMPOSSIBLE right now.
Women just like you who are READY to COMMIT to winning in the game of LIFE!!
Supporting and nourishing each others dreams, together you will grow stronger and define your purpose.
We'll be having EMPOWERING & INSPIRING conversations

  • You'll UPGRADE your values and become unstoppable
  • You'll learn how to recognise and release your most deeply rooted fears ... the ones that are buried deep in your unconscious mind like the fear of not being good enough or the fear of disappointing others
  • You'll learn how to stay SAFE while going after your biggest life dreams and HOW to take your biggest fears and turn them into fuel for success
  • Create YOUR Personal Vision for YOUR Life & Design YOUR Perfect Day Formula
  • Design your own Rules for Life (think the 10 Commandments)
  • Relax & Unwind with Nourishing food and daily Transformational workshops

It doesn't matter how busy you are, or how old you are, or what you've gone through in the past.
It's time for you to move on and to take advantage of this brand-new opportunity that lies before you.
No more evenings where you feel stuck spinning your wheels while you watch everyone else fly past you on the fast track to success
This is your year.
Your time is NOW.
Of course, that sounds like a lot to do on your own, and quite frankly, it is.
I can see you sitting there, hyperventilating, thinking, “Dee, where do I even start?”

Relax, I’m going to take you through everything you need to experience that Quantum Shift

There are ONLY 6 places on this amazing experience ....

I'd really hate you to miss out but I understand you're bound to have a ton of questions before you invest - I would too!

That's totally cool - drop me an email ( and we'll have a conversation around those questions

You OWE this to Yourself

Dee x