21 Day Shred (online)

21 Day Shred (online)

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21 Day Keto Programme (online - nutrition only)


Would you like to learn how to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.... literally?

Would you like to know how to flip the switch from burning sugar to burning fat as a primary fuel source?

The average weight loss on the 21 Day Shred is between 8-16 pounds, though I've seen clients lose over 23 pounds in just 21 days.


  • 21 Day Shred
  • For Men & Women with 10lb or more to lose
  • Where - anywhere in the world, it's an online nutrition programme!
The benefits of the keto diet stretch far beyond fat loss. It ranges from hormone balancing, improving gut-health, enhancing memory, clearing brain fog, elevating energy levels, improving digestion, and so much more.


21-days of delicious food, recipes & shopping lists, support from other members within the Keto facebook community – and most importantly – 21 days of results. 

Lose weight, improve your energy, learn discipline and become an expert at taking control of your own health and well-being!

This 21-Day Ketogenic program is so much more than just a 21 day programme.  Some past clients who have participated have had such incredible results and have said... "Keto for life!"


There's no guesswork involved. Everything is laid out for you in an easy to follow, step-by-step format

Whether you're looking to reset and get back into ketosis or transition to the ketogenic way of eating for the first time, my 21 Day Shred is the perfect option

The 21-Day Shred is a comprehensive program that gives you everything you need to start losing weight – FAST…

Each morning, you’ll wake up feeling GREAT… with more energy, more motivation, and more confidence…

Here’s a “sneak peek” at some of what’s inside my 21 Day Shred:

21-Day Keto Meal Plan.  All meals are simple and easy-to-prepare… and they taste GREAT – no cooking experience required! (and of course, it’s dietician approved)

Weekly “Print & Go” Shopping List So You Know Exactly What To Buy…

Daily Emails. Daily emails that include tips & tricks, solutions to common mistakes and misconceptions, the latest research and much more!

Exclusive Access To Our Private Facebook Group! Meet other people transforming their body, asking questions, share experiences; the private Facebook group gives you the support you need to fast-track your weight-loss success!

Transitioning Out of Keto Guide. If you choose not to continue to follow the ketogenic diet after the program is over, this guide will show you how to safely and effectively transition out of keto.

Keto Swaps & Substitutions Guide. If you want to make changes to your keto meal plan... no worries! This guide will show you exactly how to customize your plan to suit your personal tastes (or what's in the fridge!).

Measurement Worksheet. This is a simple-to-use worksheet so you can quickly and easily track your results



The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low-carbohydrate diet. In recent years, a substantial amount of evidence has accumulated in the literature supporting the use of a ketogenic diet as a therapeutic tool to treat epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even cancer. In addition, ketogenic diets are recognized as one of the more effective treatments for long term improvements in body weight, body composition, cardiovascular health markers, and diet tolerability, especially when compared to low-fat diets.

When you lower your carbohydrate intake and increase your fat intake, your body shifts from using glucose (sugar/carbohydrates) for fuel to using fat and ketones for fuel. Ketones are a much cleaner and more efficient source of energy for your body and brain compared to glucose. Some even refer to ketones as a “Super Fuel.” Throughout this challenge I will teach you all about ketosis and the benefits that occur from following this type of lifestyle

The 21-Day Shred works.

And it works a LOT better than anything else out there.

Why? Well, there are a few reasons;   

It’s based on actual science…

It transforms your body from a sugar-harbouring machine, to a slick, well-oiled fat burning machine.

The meal plans ensure you don’t experience cravings an hour or two after eating…

And it has proven itself, time and time again, to be unanimously effective

See you on the inside


NB - This programme is not suitable for you if you are vegan or struggle with lactose or dairy proteins