Christmas Cookbook

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It's Christmas time so there is no better time than to launch a new Cookbook
My NEW Christmas Cookbook contains FIFTY
yep, you heard right - I did say 50 SUPER HEALTHY Recipes
In fact, I'm using a load of these myself this year
It's an ebook meaning INSTANT download so you can get started straight away!!
Crammed full of tasty treats, healthy recipes and a cocktail or 2 ....
  • Christmas Eve Pancakes
  • Christmas Day Bucks Fizz
  • Christmas Cake
  • Cleansing Christmas Smoothies ..... just in case you've overindulged!!
and LOADS more
And what's even better is that EVERY single recipe is calorie counted to help you stay on top of things
No more Bland, Boring food .... enjoy Christmas using our fab Cookbook