Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

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Become a true non-smoker

(Not just a smoker who is courageously resisting cigarettes)

My approach to help you quit smoking is maybe a little different to how you may have tried previously.

The trouble with traditional approaches is that you end up with a person who is still a smoker but is stopping themselves from smoking

What we really need is for you to become a non smoker

Everyone knows someone who has quit smoking but still says they’d like one with a drink, or after a meal don't they?

And what a terrible place that is to be. Having to deny yourself something you want all the time.

That’s why I use an approach that helps you become a true non-smoker, not just someone who is resisting smoking.

The ‘stopped smoker’ courageously resists having a cigarette, while the non-smoker couldn’t think of anything worse than smoking.

That’s if they give it a thought at all.

My approach to smoking cessation hypnotherapy changes the unconscious mind of a smoker to an effortless non-smoker.
The techniques I use address every single psychological trick that smoking addiction plays on you and frees you from its grip. Smoking cessation hypnosis with me will gently move your mind from its current addicted state to complete freedom from cigarettes.

No longer will you be controlled by the need to smoke: No more planning your day so you can smoke, no more running outside at work or at parties, no more worrying whether you have enough cigarettes left. No more stressing about what smoking is doing to your health

There are no side effects. There are no adverse effects when you use hypnosis to help you to quit smoking, there are only positive changes. You won't feel irritated or be short tempered with friends or family and unlike other methods, you won't gain weight or exchange one bad habit for another.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing approach to stopping smoking which has worked so successfully for so many over the years and now it can work for you!

When you book a single stop smoking hypnosis session with me you are choosing the easiest and most effective way to quit smoking

How Does Hypnosis Compare to Other Forms of Therapy?

As you already know, there are alternatives other than hypnosis to help you to become a non-smoker but 'hypnosis is by far the most effective way of giving up smoking' - New Scientist Vol 136 issue 1845 p6

“Compared to other forms of therapy, hypnosis is the obvious choice for many issues” Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. reviewed the overall lasting success of various psychological approaches. This study revealed the following success rates:

  • Hypnotherapy — 93% success rate after 6 sessions
  • Behaviour Therapy — 72% success rate after 22 sessions
  • Psychotherapy — 38% success rate after 600 sessions”

(Source: Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice, Volume 7, Number 1, Spring, 1970.)

 Hypnosis is 3 Times as Effective as Nicotine Patch and 15 Times More Effective Than Willpower. The results from more than 600 individual studies, involving over 72, 000 people from America and Europe were analysed and scrutinised. The findings state that on average, hypnosis is over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. (Source: New Scientist, University of Iowa, How One in Five Give Up Smoking, Journal of Applied Psychology, October 10, 1992)

Wrong perceptions of cigarettes are preventing you from quitting smoking… and unless you change them, you will continue to be a smoker.

You probably tried hard to quit smoking by forcing yourself to change your behaviour, but not only did it not last long, it made you feel like a failure. You felt guilty every time you wanted to smoke… you were mad at yourself that nothing was changing even though you put so much energy into this.

When you finally change your automatic thoughts about cigarettes, which will happen during our session together, not only will it be easy for you to stop smoking, but you will also –

    • Never miss a cigarette in your life
    • Never be jealous of other smokers – you will pity them!
    • Get rid of the need and cravings to smoke
    • Feel completely indifferent to cigarettes without holding back
    • Continue to socialise without the need to hold a cigarette
      Now, there are alternatives other than hypnosis to help you to become a non-smoker but 'hypnosis is by far the most effective way of giving up smoking' - New Scientist Vol 136 issue 1845 p6

      At the end of our session, you will not feel deprived, you will not feel any pain whatsoever and in no way will you feel that you have made any form of sacrifice!

      Hypnosis actually makes the process of becoming a non-smoker so simple and straightforward, that something you once thought would be so difficult to achieve actually becomes so ridiculously EASY!

      I currently charge just £95 for your personalised stop smoking session, which I believe is a small investment to help you achieve a life changing moment.

      I could match the higher fees that other hypnotherapists are charging but as a health coach, I believe that the benefits of being a non-smoker should be available to all.

      The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the UK is over a tenner. If you smoke a pack a day, in just over a week - you've made your money back. And of course, I don't need to tell you that your health is priceless.

      I love helping people get to the point where they feel more natural not smoking
      because I know what it was like to smoke - I have sat across from so many who felt
      themselves totally enslaved to smoking and together we have, bit by bit, loosened
      the chains to the point where walking away became easy. I am passionate about
      this now because when it comes down to it, it is about potentially saving a life

      If I did charge more for my "stop smoking" service then that would mean that many people that could successfully stop smoking would be unable to do so because of the fee.

      This is a unique opportunity to stop smoking for good!


      How are the sessions conducted?

      I coach my clients to success online. I use Zoom. Some have asked if hypnosis or hypnotherapy are as effective online or virtually or by phone as opposed to in person.  The answer is… YES!.  At the hands of a qualified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is just as effective when using video conferencing software (such Zoom) or the phone.

      The best bit of working like this is that because you are in your own home or office, or wherever you feel safe, you will be even more relaxed and comfortable, meaning that our sessions will work faster and more effectively than anything you may have tried before

      How Do I Book My Session?

      After you have gone through the Checkout process, I'll be in touch by email / text message to arrange your session

      What Happens During A "Stop Smoking" Hypnosis Session?

      One of the most common things that people will want to know when they enquire about using hypnosis in order to stop smoking is; "What happens during the "stop smoking" hypnosis session?"

      I offer a customised stop smoking session because it is my experience that a “one size fits all” approach does not provide the effectiveness of offering a more flexible and customised approach.

      By combining the latest research in hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, I offer an exclusive and unique, individualised stop smoking session which consists of three parts.

      Anti-smoking therapy is completed in one session of 90 to 120 minutes and costs £95. Smoking cessation is the only thing I don’t do an Initial Consultation for, simply because it’s not needed.

      The first part of the session is were we talk about your smoking habit and how it fits in with your life. We find out about what situations or feelings trigger you to smoke; the reasons you want to stop smoking and the benefits you want to receive from being a non-smoker. This information will then be used to tailor your hypnotherapy session to your personal needs, making it much more powerful and effective because your subconscious mind will be able to relate to it in your life.

      The second part of the session is used to explain how your mind works and how it causes you to keep smoking when you don’t want to. We also visit the emotions linked to smoking and why this is a major factor for those people that put on weight when they stop smoking, thus helping you to avoiding weight gain.

      The third part of the session is used to guide you into a relaxed state and then to communicate the change that you want to your subconscious mind. The suggestions that will be given to you during this part of the session will be customised to your needs and your wants based on our discussion earlier in the session

      My stop smoking session is designed to get to the underlying cause of your smoking habit and that is the difference between the work I do and the many other methods that are available to help you to stop smoking.

      Many of the well known methods that are available to help you to stop smoking are in some way similar to the average gardener who decides to cut his/her grass in order to remove the many weeds in the garden. The lawn mover comes by and mows the weeds away, (smoking habit) but given time they grow back again and sometimes stronger.

      Our session together is totally different because its just like a weed killer that is able to kill the weed (smoking habit) at the root so that it can never return again.

      Ask yourself: "Would you like to stop smoking for a couple of weeks or for good?"

      I provide a customised stop smoking hypnosis session because it is the most effective way to quit

      Will I put on weight?

      This is a common concern so I build suggestions in to deal with this.

      What if I can't be hypnotised?

      The beauty of treating smokers is that smokers do already know how to be hypnotised, because that's why they're smoking. Originally you were hypnotised by the cigarettes and what we need to do is keep you out of hypnosis - as far as cigarettes are concerned!

      How Will I Feel After The Session?

      From experience, what I have discovered is that after clients have attended my stop smoking session they will generally fall into one of three categories:

      The first category is normally for about seventy percent of my clients. These are the clients that come for their hypnosis session and leave feeling as if they have never smoked. They don't think about smoking, they don't have any withdrawal symptoms and they don't get irritable. These clients tell me that they remember smoking but even though they remember smoking it feels as if they have been a non-smoker for their full life.

      The second category is normally for about twenty percent of my clients. These clients tell me that after the session they felt like a non-smoker but for the first couple of weeks it felt strange. They may say that it felt strange for the first couple of weeks to get up in the morning and not to have a cigarette or to get in their car and not to have a cigarette. This is not because they are missing a cigarette but because they are creating a new habit pattern in their life. This strange feeling is similar to the feeling you get when you fold your arms in the opposite way to what is natural, so your right arm is over your left arm or your left arm is over your right arm.

      About 10 percent of my clients normally fall in the third category. These clients have their hypnosis session and leave feeling like they are a non-smoker but every now and again they may get a craving for a cigarette. These clients normally say that every once in while they get a slight craving for a cigarette but the craving does not last long. As human beings we get cravings all the time but we do not always act upon these cravings. Its similar to being in a bank queue and you get this urge to tell everybody to hurry up, but you don't act upon that urge, it comes and then it goes.

      What I have found is the category that a client will fall into will normally match their determination to stop smoking. Those clients that are really determined to stop smoking will generally fall into the first category. Whilst those clients that are not really sure that they want to stop smoking may fall into category two or three.

      Why should I choose you?

      Well, as a Transformational Coach I Change Lives.

      What I do WORKS

       I’m committed to changing 1000 lives by 2020.

      I began my career as a Fitness Professional and evolved to become qualified in Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique - I have endless tools in my toolbox to ensure your success.