21 Day Shred - May '20

21 Day Shred - May '20

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  • Next Intake - May 2020
  • 3 week Programme
  • Where - Million Dollar Fitness, Bonds Hill, BT47 6DW
  • Who? - I help 30+ men with 14lb or more to lose

If you've been treating everyday like Christmas and have been over indulging, it's time to get in the best shape ever before the festive season starts!

My 21 Day Shred is a 21 day programme guaranteed to help you shed those extra pounds and lose that fat FAST!

IF you're a 30+ Guy who's overdone it with the beer and junk food
IF you're feeling unfit, lethargic and wondering how in the hell you got this way
IF you're uncomfortable in your clothes and can't remember the last time you felt 'In Shape'


What you'll get:
  • 3 x Group Training sessions per week (Lads train @ 7pm Mon - Thurs and optional 6.15pm Fri. Choose 3)
  • Members FB group for support
  • Done For You 21 day meal plan complete with shopping list and recipes
  • Accountability

Are you ready to reclaim your former glory?

Summer Holidays, Halloween, Christmas ... have been and gone - along with the bottles of beer you sank (just to be sociable of course) and the late night takeaways that have left you bulging out of those jeans in all the wrong places :-(

You hadn't been able to shake off that 10lbs you put on LAST CHRISTMAS never mind the extra pounds you've packed on recently. There isn't a snowball-in-hell's chance that you're going to look good on your next night out or down the pub with your mates


How the Hell did it happen??   
Let's not even go there.

With my help and a PROVEN fat loss system, you can put all that behind you when you invest in my 21 Day Shred that's guaranteed to incinerate off your belly fat and then some...

  No more wandering around the gym aimlessly or Endless Hours on the Treadmill

Efficient Fat Burning Workouts & a Done For You Eating Plan Delivering the Results YOU Deserve

It' s YOUR TURN to Achieve Double-Digit Weight Loss in Just 21 Days!

What Is The 21 day Shred All About?

When it comes to results, I've got the perfect formula
During the 21 day Shred, you train with me and my team at Million Dollar Fitness Monday to Thursday at 7pm (3 sessions)
I will always be striving to coach you on what you need to be doing and working on next to continue to get the results that you deserve.
All of these workouts ^^^^ are GUARANTEED to burn enormous amounts of calories and melt unwanted fat from your body, especially your belly, moobs and arse!
Complete Success Blueprint
Have you ever just wanted an instruction manual built just for you?
Telling you what YOU need to do to get the results that you want?
This is it!
My success manual will cover EVERYTHING from: blood sugars, macros and water to supplements, etc... in other words, I cover everything that could hinder or help your results. I have left no stone unturned, nothing to guesswork. This is great for those that just want to know how this 'Fat Loss' thing really works and want to continue to know even more.
  • Discover the RIGHT way to eat for fat loss with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan. Learn how to keep your metabolism working for you beyond the Festive Season so you look even better for summer!
  • Shopping List, 21 Days of Meal Plans PLUS Tasty Recipes That You AND Your Family Members Can Eat Together :-)
  • This Challenge involves Intermittent Fasting following the 8/16 protocol i.e. you fast for 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour window.
  • You NEVER have breakfast on this programme.
  • On previous 21 Day programmes, participants have experienced weight loss of up to 18lb with 5.8% bodyfat.
  • This shit works guys!!

5 Pillars of Transformation Required For Success

1. Planning and Preparation
2. Professional accountability
3. Social Support
4. Meaningful Incentive
5. The Big Deadline

If you have all 5 Pillars then you have the foundation to guarantee that you will achieve your number one priority over your 21 day programme - To lose that lard you've been carrying around
BUT if one—or more—is missing, then your odds of success decrease dramatically.

Accountability Checks

Get expert coaching from me and benefit from the support of other guys just like you. Leadership and accountability could be the missing ingredient you need to make this time count. The reason my clients are so successful is because of my extensive stalking and accountability checks. I WILL know when you've been sneaking in takeaways or missing workouts. When you know that you can't get away with it, all of a sudden, results begin to happen because I WILL be checking your progress.

After you invest in my AWESOME programme, keep an eye on your inbox ... you'll get an email from me with EVERYTHING you need to do to get started, plus the link to book your Orientation & Sessions.


What are you waiting for?