Close Your Eyes & Be Happy

Close Your Eyes & Be Happy

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The Key To Unlocking Joy and Happiness

Almost everyone struggles with happiness on some level.

When we do, we tend to think either 1 of 2 things.

  1. We think something’s wrong with us, or
  2. We think “that’s life.”

I’d like to suggest a 3rd reason:

No one ever taught you to be happy.
At least…I don’t remember that course in school - do you?

Math's and English in the  morning, then lunch, History, and Happiness in the afternoon…right? 😂

Even though it’s not on the core curriculum, the reality is that happiness is 100% learnable.

True, lasting happiness, is 100% within your control.

(and it’s actually easier than you might think).

Let's talk about Happiness.

That's the whole point of life isn't it?

To be happy

Who cares if we have more money, a bigger house or the latest gadgets??

Take a minute to think about all of the things that you wish to manifest in your life ….

Now imagine that you have all of those things …

Are you now happy?

You see, if, at the end of the day we're not happy.

Is any of it worth it?

We've all been trained to think that happiness is something external, something that we strive for something that we can access out there in the world, when the powerful truth is, happiness is an inside job.

It's something that lives within us.

It's something that we can access only by going inward and it's something that we can strengthen like a muscle with continual conditioning over time.

Let’s face it, who wouldn't like to bounce out of bed every day and find something to enjoy and be happy about each and every minute of the day?

It's not an impossible dream.

The key to unlocking this joy is to realise that you already have everything you need to be happy.

No matter what is going on around you, you have the ability to be happy.

Nothing, and no one, can ever take that away from you.

Our #1 obstacle to experiencing this joy is always within ourselves.

By listening to these sessions you will discover that Happiness Is Right Here, Right Now.

You already have everything you need to be happy.

Nothing in the external world needs to change.

You have a natural right to joy.

You have probably already come across many different concepts for how to be happier. You will have read about positive thinking, doing stuff you enjoy, having an 'attitude of gratitude', and taking concrete steps to improve your relations and connections with other people.

You also know that what you eat as well as your physical health can affect your mood – don’t you?

And these are indeed all great and powerful ways of getting to feel happier.

But all these 'roads to happiness' are also affected by that 'fade' effect.

So, what if there were a way to establish, and then maintain, an instinctively happy approach to everyday life?

Well, there is.

The Close Your Eyes and Be Happy series will help you transform your attitude by using powerful psychological principles, hypnotic techniques and the power of your subconscious mind to broaden your understanding of what makes you feel happy.

You will learn how to connect positive feelings with the regular occurrences and simple routines of everyday life so that you can 'boost' your happiness level any time.

This series will help you realign to the demands and reality of your life, while at the same time allowing you to access and increase the number and range of good feelings you can experience, every day - whenever you want.

Creating this programme was so therapeutic for me - simply because happiness is the point.

If we can increase our happiness during our journey through life and not just expect it to be waiting for us at the destination - then life will be that much more enjoyable, won’t it?.


So, here's what awaits you in this series:

Each morning for 7 days you will listen to a bite sized audio of 10 to 12 minutes that will allow you to access the feelings you want to experience more of daily.

Each daily meditation also contains a Happiness Affirmation

Day One: A quick daily happiness top up, and it helps you focus on the happiest moment of your day. So this is something you can listen to multiple times throughout the day, when you need a quick pick me up to keep you in the right state of mind.

Day Two brings you to a place called the happiness school where you learn to cultivate and access the happiness that already lives inside of you. And we really work on overcoming ideas like inadequacy and competence, and any other negative beliefs that aren't serving you and that could be blocking your ability to access your natural joy.

Day Three, we return to the happiness school, focusing on life being full of purpose, right here in the now, because the present moment is the only place you're ever going to truly experience happiness.

Day Four is when we overcome any subconscious ideas about aloneness, or otherness, and we really seep up the feeling of belongingness

Day Five, we focus on how you are a powerful being - independent in your own right. You are already whole, you're already complete. You are already worthy of an abundant life and unlocking happiness through that particular way of viewing your life is extremely empowering, liberating and it just feels wonderful.

Day Six is all about loving yourself unconditionally, an incredibly powerful step in harnessing our capacity for feeling happiness.

Day Seven focuses on togetherness and cultivating the types of words and thoughts that you must train yourself to focus on and add to your vocabulary in order to maintain the experience of accessing happiness for the long run.

Also included in the program are two BONUS audios.

Bonus 1: “Wake Up Happy" Tapping / EFT Meditation. The intention is that you use this short session as a daily evening Happiness Booster. This EFT audio is designed to help you wake up feeling happy by allowing you to relax before sleep and then open your mind to positive changes.

By combining tapping before bed with the daily happiness audios, you can reprogram your mind for the better

Bonus 2: “Happy Days” - a hypnosis audio that is just perfect as a weekly top up to your daily bite size audios as you learn how to instinctively focus on what’s good and build more positive associations in your life.

So, I'm already feeling happier just talking about happiness, aren't you?

I'm happier just thinking about how much happier, you're going to feel in just the next few moments when you dive into this series.

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Committed to Your Happiness


P.P.S. – Who am I to have figured this out?

I'm Dee McCahill.

As a (Deaf) Mindset Expert, I have overcome my own personal challenges and have helped thousands of men and women just like you.

Sometimes life knocks you around a bit. Life should be a breeze but sometimes it gets really rough. Unlike keys, we can’t hang joy on a hook by the front door. Happiness often eludes us when we need it most. In every difficulty or failure in life, there is a lesson and an opportunity. It is in these moments that we have to actively participate in finding it, choosing it, and making happiness a flame that burns brightly when all other light goes out.

Dee 🌸

 Marisa Peer Therapist - Jack Canfield Trainer - NLP Master - Transformational Hypnotherapist - EFT Master