28 Day Discipline Challenge (no gym required) MDF Members challenge

28 Day Discipline Challenge (no gym required) MDF Members challenge

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There is a book by Darren Hardy called, "The Compound Effect."

If you have not read it before, I highly recommend it. Anyway, in short, the book is about small daily disciplines leading to massive success and/or transformations over time.

For example, no human has ever gotten fit off one workout just as they have never gotten fat from one bad meal. It's the consistent discipline of working out daily or the lack of consistent discipline like eating bad meals that compound over time.

These small, subtle daily disciplines lead to massive success and transformations or they take you in the complete opposite direction.

Daily discipline is the key to your success and it is really quite simple... but NOT easy.

(Nobody wants to get out of bed when their alarm goes off but the most disciplined humans will... every. Single. Time.)

The beautiful thing about life is YOU get to decide whether you will achieve your goals, or not.

But it's going to require daily discipline!

The Choice is YOURS!

The goal for this challenge is to achieve the maximal amount of progress toward our health and fitness goals within a short period of time (28-Days).

Effort and CONSISTENCY are the keys to success, therefore, this challenge will only work if you do!

The challenge will run from (27th July - 23rd August 2020) and is based on a progressive workout program in which each week will provide more of a workload for participants to push through ultimately creating a healthier, fitter (lighter) YOU! 

The program calls for 5Discipline Days” each week for 4 weeks (If you are disciplined 7 days of the week, AWESOME but know that rest and recovery is also important for optimal RESULTS).

A “Discipline Day” consists of:

  • Strength Training (Bodyweight movements)
  • Conditioning (No equipment necessary)
  • Hydration (Half your bodyweight in ounces of water)
  • Alcohol (Not a sip!)
  • Less than 25g sugar

The challenge will be managed via a private FB group.

Those who follow the program WILL experience incredible results.

Your stake in the result or "skin in the game" is £25 ... less than 90p a day